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About Us

The Story

DestinationSoccer.com was launched in August 2014, hot on the trails of the stunning World Cup 2014 and in particular the United States Men’s Soccer Team (USMNT’s) phenomenal performances.

We realized that, yes there are some good resources on there for US based soccer fans. However, many people are relatively new to soccer or only really support the national team rather than a Club team.

So, we wanted to create an exciting and fun resource to bring you closer to soccer. To the most exciting and important topics to you and happening in soccer right now.

Starting with soccer itself. The history of soccer. What are the most important events and people in the game? You can start following football without knowing about Vince Lombardi or the different types of offense or defense or follow basketball without ever knowing about the greatest players such as Michael Jordan. However, you would lose a lot of the excitement and history of the game.

The same goes for soccer. In these pages, we will bring you upto speed with the complete history of the game, the key stories, especially to do with US soccer. The history of soccer in the US and the USMNT. Did you know that the US have actually reached the Semi-Finals of a World Cup tournament? Or about their greatest ever victory in the tournament being back in the first World Cup after World War 2?

Plus, who are the greatest players in today’s game?

And we will cover the most exciting topics in the rest of the game:


Getting you ready for World Cup 2018 – Qualification and the Tournament. Plus Copa America 2016 in the US. What is it and why should you care?

Messi v Ronaldo:

Who exactly is the best? And where? We go through everything from how popular they are to their performances against each other…

Top 4 of theĀ  EPL:

We explore the history and current performances of the top 4 teams: Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United and Manchester City.

Soccer Products Reviews

Connecting you with soccer even deeper. Whether you want to read soccer books about the history of the World Cup or biographies of everyone from Tim Howard to Cristiano Ronaldo. We will help you out.

We also have soccer video game and soccer magazine reviews.

The Aim

Also, we want to bring soccer alive through stories and making it real to you. There is a rich history and also depth to soccer which can be sometimes really hard to understand. We are going to bring this out for you. Whether it is something to do with the basics of the game – e.g. how exactly does off-side work to some of the greatest players and games in history – the amazing Mathias Sindelaar the Messi of his day who socked it to Nazi Germany, all the way through to the game which changed World football forever – Germany 7 Brazil 1 from World Cup 2014!


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